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Robert and Elizabeth Reynolds

After deciding to relocate to the Jacksonville Beach area, my husband, Robert and I decided to start the homebuying venture, our very first homebuying venture to boot. As we prepared for the big changes quickly approaching, shopping for our new home seemed less than exciting, way less than. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to a realtor in the area, Benjamin Subercaseaux. From our first meeting, I was finally able to feel relaxed and excited about searching for our new home. After spotlighting our wants and needs while holding in high regard the financially realistic parameters my husband and I set, Ben arranged a handful of showings one Saturday afternoon. He listened to our feedback as we viewed each home and made note of it all. He made mention of all we had forgotten to consider, making sure we gave considerable thought to what each home offered and what each home lacked. My husband and I put in an offer that day. It was the first home Ben scheduled us to see. I knew it was “the one” immediately. But I think it’s also worth mentioning, we loved all of the homes we viewed that day; Ben did an amazing job interpreting our “unorganized” vision. We made a “quicker-than-expected” decision when placing an offer on “the one” that Saturday afternoon, but it never felt like a rushed decision. Ben took the time to get to know us, what our future home should look like; he filled in any gaps that would leave room for reservation or uncertainty. We were left with the “quicker-than-expected” decision being crystal clear. Our offer was accepted and we were thrilled to say the very least!

Thank you, Ben! Thank you for somehow making this experience so seamless for us. We cannot thank you enough for your undivided attention while making this lifechanging decision. Your savvy insight, diligence, and genuine interest far exceeded our expectations.